Testimonials 14 Nov 2016

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In addition here are some testimonials from counselling clients.

“Jenny has give me a belief in myself I did not have before I started my therapy sessions with her. I am stronger and happier as a person because of her help. I can’t recommend her enough. I also attended the OCD group sessions which helped to reassure me that I wasn’t alone. In a world where OCD is a taboo subject and not often spoken about openly, this was invaluable. She was and will continue to be a lifeline when I need it”


“When I walked in to see Jenny on my first appointment I walked in a 28 year old frightened little girl and when my counselling had finished I walked out a confident positive 28 year old woman with everything to look forward to. Jenny truly enabled me to change my life around. Jenny was the most positive person I have ever met and through counselling with her it enabled me to become a person who I no longer loathed but liked and trusted.”


“When I started counselling like everyone I was very nervous. However after my first session with Jenny I knew she was someone I could talk to about anything. I have even spoken about things with her that I wouldn’t dare to speak to others about even the people closest to me. Jenny has helped me so much and I am so grateful for all she does for me.”


“I was introduced to Jenny by a friend. My life got to drastic measures which resulted in me needing counselling. Jenny was very approachable and easy to talk to and we built a bond instantly. Even though I had problems paying for the counselling, money could not compare to the impact she had on me. I felt a bit nervous at such a young age getting help from what I thought was a stranger but when I came to the end of my counselling I felt Jenny was not only a friend but a soul companion. There have been a lot of ups and downs as I have revealed my issues but my success started immediately and my journey only took two months. Even though my amount of counselling is a lot smaller than many, my life has changed enormously. I am at a point in my life where I feel in control of who I am again.”


“When I began my counselling I was nervous, alone and confused and had little faith in myself. I had wanted to talk to someone for a long time but I wanted that person to be right for me. When I made the decision to see Jenny I was in a very bad way, life seemed hopeless and meaningless and I had hit an all time low. Jenny taught me to believe in myself again, to have hope and to realise that it was OK to feel like I did. I unearthed many demons, some of which I never knew existed and laying them to rest was both a challenge and a relief. Jenny doesn’t tell me what to do, she doesn’t judge or criticize. All she does is teach me how to deal with things, how to pick myself up and trust again and I will be truely grateful to her for that for a long time.”


“Working with Jenny has given a refreshing and professional boost to my confidence and was made to feel extremely relaxed in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. I have used Jenny’s counselling service twice, and would always use it again if needed”


“I went to see Jenny as I had been experiencing problems in my marriage, and was having real problems making sense of my feelings. I had an instant rapport with Jenny and I trusted her straight away. After only two sessions everything became a lot clearer in my mind, and I felt a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders. Since then I have felt much more positive and confident, and life is more enjoyable.”


“I had never considered counselling, but a family member had made contact with Jenny and recommended going to see her. By far the hardest step was to make the first contact, but it had to be done. After having spoken to Jenny and arranging an appointment, I found it was very easy to talk to her and had a real sense of relief that I could actually tell someone my most inner thoughts, without conflict or judgement. My first session had me in tears, but tears of relief, that I had actually opened up about ‘me’. With Jenny’s help and understanding, I was able to regain my self belief and feel a whole lot better about myself, my life and the future I wanted. I have never looked back.”


“When I came initially I thought I’d be judged – wondering if I should be speaking out loud. But your unconditional acceptance helped me establish a safer space within which I could say my own unsayables – and begin to dismantle the walls I’ve put in place. What really amazed me is that I had no planned route – but things shifted on their own – percolated to the surface and removed themselves or became less potent. Thanks for all your help.”


“The counselling helps me in a positive way by releasing the pain trapped up inside me, along with my negative thoughts trapped up inside my head. No medication can compensate for a good counsellor. The support I have gained knowing that someone cares enough to listen and does not judge me in anyway. Counselling provides so much for me, by helping me focus on things in a positive light.”

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